Living With

Living with a disability doesn’t mean that you have to live with limits.

You may have a variety of reasons for visiting our website; however, UroMed exists for one reason alone: to impact your life in a positive way.

That’s why we’ve created the Living With resources to help educate and support you or your loved ones. Whether you have a spinal cord injury, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, or other condition affecting bladder function, the information you find here may help you better understand your medical issues and how they impact urinary retention and bowel management.

After listening to our customer’s needs, UroMed has developed the following resource pages to help you learn more on:

On a personal level, we know it’s not always easy to manage the challenges that come from living with a medical condition, as 20% of our Customer Care Representatives either use a wheelchair themselves or have a family member who is disabled.

This is part of the reason why UroMed believes in providing ongoing support beyond the products we deliver. We hope the Living With resources help you connect with people in your community who share similar health interests.

We also invite you to explore UroMed’s Community Giving page to stay informed on upcoming UroMed supported charitable events near you.

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