Condition-Specific Resources

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UroMed is committed to supporting our urology patients with ongoing resources, educational information and news that can improve quality of life and overall health.

Urology is the diagnosis and treatment of medical issues related to the urinary system and the male reproductive system. Continence care is about helping people empty their bladder and bowels.

After listening to our customers’ needs, UroMed has created this section to help you learn more on:

  • Urology and incontinence issues
  • Frequently asked questions about UroMed and our products
  • Condition-specific topics including Spinal Cord Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis and Spina Bifida
  • Temporary catheter use following surgery
  • Wheelchair sports programs
  • Ways you can receive additional help through a number of non-profit organizations

Please visit the following links for detailed information:

One Response to Condition-Specific Resources

  1. Hello. I’ve just started my first blog and being a good friend of Tom Exler, I came across UroMed and wanted to know how I could utilize my blog to encourage men who have lived with EPISPADIAS to come forward and share how they’ve managed their abnormality, what they may have done to overcome the emotional trauma that at times can be quite severe (I speak from experience), and how their lives have been impacted by this congenital birth defect. I have found very little support out there concerning Epispadias….yes, I attended a conference in 2010 sponsored by HEA (that is where I met Tom), but most of the conference tended to be more about Hypospadias and very little about Epispadias. Yes, it is much more rare and unfortunately, a subject that is so extremely personal that there seems to be a great reluctance to “talk about it”! I, myself, have lived with it almost my entire life alone and to myself. I reached out for the first time when I attended the conference and up until that point I never met anyone who had what I had/have. Carrying this burden alone all these years has truly taken its toll on me psychologically and emotionally. I have found that the psychological scars have been much more difficult to heal and live with than the physical scars. So I’m reaching out to anyone I can so that no one has to or should go through this alone, suffering the debilitating trauma of living in silence, fear, and not having anyone to share or open up with about their condition. So much more needs to be done. Parents and children need support and understanding as they now face the challenges that come with this birth defect. Again, my whole point is to reach even one person so that person won’t have to live as I did all these years in secrecy, shame and fear. I welcome your thoughts and look forward to hareing from you.
    Thank You and Best Regards,
    William J Rossi

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