Get Out & Enjoy Life with LASCI’s Accessible Travel Contest


It’s time for the Get Out, Enjoy Life 2014 contest with SPORTS ’N SPOKES, Life After Spinal Cord Injury (LASCI), and Wheel:Life.

Three sponsors. Triple the chances of winning.
In 2011, we introduced you to the idea of exploring your world and sharing those experiences with us by submitting your outdoor sporting or recreation pictures. And share you did. Just check out this year’s promotional video we put together of you getting out and enjoying life.

Get Out Enjoy Life 2014 from SPORTS N SPOKES on Vimeo.

Since we started, we’ve received more than 500 photos from around the globe depicting your adventures of accessible hiking, sit-skiing, and bungee jumping, to name a few. Oh yeah, we also handed out some really cool prizes, put the winner on our September 2013 cover, and gave out a brand-new race chair courtesy of Top End.

Well, now’s your chance to get in on the action during the Get Out, Enjoy Life 2014 contest. Join SPORTS ’N SPOKES, Wheel:Life, and LASCI starting June 2, 2014 as we highlight the many accessible destinations across the country and beyond!

Would you let someone catapult you across a lake - in your wheelchair? Lonnie did!

Would you let someone catapult you across a lake – in your wheelchair? Lonnie did!

That’s because last year we expanded the contest to our Canadian and European friends, and rightfully so, as Canada is home to one of the most extreme guys we’ve ever met. You may have seen photos of Lonnie Bissonnette base-jumping from the New River Gorge Bridge in his wheelchair during the annual Bridge Day.

So, get packed and be sure to check in daily on the S’NS, Wheel:Life, and LASCI Facebook pages for a chance to win daily. Don’t forget to bring the camera and send us those outdoor and recreational pictures. You could win big! Just can’t wait? Submit your photos here.

About The Program
Each day beginning June 2, 2014, you’ll find an accessible outdoor opportunity listed on the S’NS, Wheel:Life, and LASCI Facebook pages.  And, the best part is, when you comment on the postings, you’ll automatically be entered to win a prize associated with that event, program, or location. It could be a free pass to a park, tickets to a sports event, travel guides or accessories, or any number of exciting gifts!

To participate, simply visit the S’NS, Wheel:Life, and LASCI Facebook pages.

If you’re not already following us, click on the links to “LIKE” our Facebook pages, and you’ll be ready to roll! Remember, to be eligible to win the daily prizes you MUST COMMENT on the posts of places and programs we mention. Winners will be selected for each post each day after comments are reviewed.

Who's hitting the baseball diamond this summer? We want to see your pictures!

Who’s hitting the baseball diamond this summer? We want to see your pictures!

Submit Your Snapshots to our Photo Contest
The Get Out, Enjoy Life Family Snaps photo contest. We want to see the places you visit and the sports and recreational activities you enjoy. At the end of the contest on June 27, 2014 – three grand-prize winners will be selected from those who share pictures of themselves getting out and enjoying life this summer. Pictures can be posted using this simple form.

Three winners total will receive a Get Out, Enjoy Life Prize Pack that includes an S’NS T-shirt, luggage tag, and carabiner all conveniently packaged into a Hollister backpack.

First-place winner will win a custom-built Box Design wheelchair as well as the opportunity to have their winning photo make the September 2014 cover*. In addition, winning photos may be included in various S’NS, Wheel:Life, LASCI, and sponsor presentations, both online and print.

So, what do you win?

First Place Photo Winner
First-place winner will receive a custom built wheelchair courtesy of Mike Box Designs, the Get Out, Enjoy Life prize pack mentioned above, and based on photo quality, the cover spot of the September 2014 S’NS issue. Winning photos that do not meet our production and design resolutions will be placed in the Final Frame section of the magazine and the winner will receive a 2-year subscription to compensate the prize.


Second Place Photo Winner
Second-place winner will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to S’NS, a set of Morph Wheels, foldable wheelchair wheels/tires courtesy Maddak, Inc., and their winning picture featured as Final Frame in the September 2014 issue of S’NS, and the Get Out, Enjoy Life prize pack above.


Third Place Photo Winner
Third-place winners will receive a $200 gift certificate courtesy At Home Medical, a complimentary copy of the September 2014 S’NS issue, and the Get Out, Enjoy Life prize pack above. The winning photo will be featured as Spoke of the Week on the S’NS web site.

Daily Prizes
In addition to the grand prizes for our photo contest winners, participants who comment on our daily Facebook posts are eligible to win an assortment of goodies from generous sponsors like Coloplast, Hollister Incorporated, MV-1 and many more!


Contest Rules / Rights and complete prize listing can be found here.

SPORTS ‘N SPOKES is a bimonthly publication produced by the Paralyzed   Veterans of America. S’NS reports on competitive sports and recreation for wheelchair users. Since 1975, S’NS has been a leader in wheelchair sports coverage and currently goes to more than 43 countries worldwide.   Our readers come from all walks of life all having one thing in common:   determination! SPORTS ‘N SPOKES is committed to providing a voice for the  wheelchair sporting and recreation community.  Visit  to view the latest issue.

wlifeiconlowresAbout Wheel:Life
Wheel:Life is a global initiative that assists people in addressing the many questions and challenges that come with using a wheelchair. Wheel:Life resources help people:

  • find quality health and medical resources, related research and news;
  • explore educational and employment avenues;
  • research the proper adaptive equipment, assistive technology, home modification and home medical equipment for their needs;
  • network within local and virtual peer support groups;
  •  discover accessible travel destinations; and
  • enjoy a full and active life as a wheelchair user.

Visit us at

About LASCI:
LASCI founder Bert Burns is a C7 quadriplegic who first read S’NS in his early days of recovery after a life-changing car accident.  “Every month as I was in rehab, I would go through the pages of SPORTS ’N SPOKES, amazed by the athletes they featured and hoping I could be one, too,” Burns says.

lascilogoIn 10 brief years following the accident, Burns made his own amazing advances as a recreational therapist for the Shepherd Center and in a lengthy career as a wheelchair racer, winning a gold medal in the Paralympics.

Burns formally began Life After Spinal Cord Injury as an outreach program in 2010 after more than 20 years of working with peer groups and the SCI community. It’s a motivational program that takes place in rehabilitation hospitals and other locations, to assist disabled youth and adults who have recently learned they will be permanently using a wheelchair.

Life After Spinal Cord Injury is sponsored by UroMed, one of the largest urology medical supply companies in the country.

About UroMed Catheters
Headquartered in Suwanee, GA [a suburb of Atlanta], UroMed is one of the nation’s leading providers of single-use catheters, urological and disposable medical supplies, including intermittent catheters, closed system catheters, condom catheters, pediatric catheters and continence care products. UroMed is nationally accredited for Medicare reimbursement and most state Medicaid plans, and partners with private health insurance providers and health plans to provide patients with single-use catheters, catheter kits and incontinence products. UroMed also has seven staffed regional offices located in Boston, MA; Columbia, SC; Jacksonville, FL; Dallas, TX; Carlsbad, CA; Knoxville, TN; Richmond, VA; and Baton Rouge, LA; enabling next-day delivery after a customer’s initial medical supply order. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-841-1233.

12 Responses to Get Out & Enjoy Life with LASCI’s Accessible Travel Contest

  1. Noel Aponte says:

    After my c5-c7 spinal cord injury, I recently been Able to enjoy handcyling. Thank you for this competition!

  2. Christine Atwood says:

    I am a parapaligic and would love a chance to do some of those things!

  3. Lorrie Queen says:

    My name is lorrie I have spina bifida and I would love to have the chance to do some of those things.

  4. Beth Stelly says:

    My son was born with Spina Bifida he uses a wheelchair, walks with walker as tolerated, and crawls around home….he has come a long way and still has some challenges ahead but he never let’s it get him down…he is a lil character and soon will be celebrating his 10th birthday on the 4th of July (independence day)….he is a very socially active person and knows everyone in our lil town. He plays Baseball for an amazing league named the Miracle League. It’s an amazing opportunity they have given my son. There isn’t a lot for kids like him to do near where we live so we are always looking for new adventures for him.

  5. kim luna says:

    I gotta know more

  6. Rick Udo says:

    I am paralyzed from the chest down and I live 20 minutes from the beach and it would be a blast to be able to use a beach wheelchair.

  7. Tammy Reddick says:


  8. Richard Shahan says:

    can I join this group

  9. Sandra Quiroz says:

    My Grandaughter was also born with Spina Bifida she wears braces and is a very active 7 year old- I love to take adventures with her and my Grandson (her brother) she is very strong minded and competitve – I would love to join and do more things with her- what can I say – a young Grandma with lots of energy for them – Just Blessed!!! ;()))

  10. Kimberly says:

    My accident was five years ago in May. Been in my chair and still trying to deal. I am trying to live a outgoing life but its a struggle. Keep showing the fun things out there we can do.

  11. Lonnie Griggs says:

    I’m very interested in your competition. I live in a small town with no activities for paraplegics

  12. Jason Hamilton says:

    I love the work you all do and I think that you are a great sorce of inspiration to all people with and without disabilities!! I’ve been a para for 24 years and 10 year into my injury I had to have both of my legs amputated at the hip so I’m a double amputee paraplegic T8-T9 complete and that has been for the past 14 years lol. I have always wanted to do several of these activities but I have had to spend the majority of my life in a hospital or confined to my bed. I’m know starting to get to where I can live again, it’s been a long road but I won’t give up until god calls me and asks for my last breath!! God Nless and I hope the winners put your prizes to great use because I know I would!!

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