Best LASCI Resources in 2013: Readers’ Choice

Here are the top five LASCI blog articles offering lifestyle resources and helpful information that were most popular with LASCI readers throughout 2013.  We’re sharing them again in case you missed one of these fantastic resources!

5.  Travel Tips for Friends Who Use Wheelchairs

Bert and Emma Burns admire the London Velodrome.

Bert and Emma Burns admire the London Velodrome.

Prior to starting a leading  urology supply company, UroMed, in 1996, Bert competed for many years as an  international wheelchair racer, winning events around the world.  A seasoned world traveler, Bert  shares his travel advice for friends who use wheelchairs below.  Here he answers many questions on travelling that he receives from audience members during LASCI events, many of whom are newly injured and not accustomed to travelling while using a wheelchair.


4. Best Practices for Preventing a Urinary Tract Infection

Hand-Washing-Picture-280x275For those of us who use wheelchairs, we know how serious UTIs can be.  Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) can happen for various reasons in which germs and bacteria come in contact with the bladder. Unfortunately, the use of catheters can sometimes lead to a urinary tract infection.

There is no guaranteed way to prevent a UTI, however there are a few ways to lower your risk of getting a urinary tract infection while using catheters.


3. Getting Started In Wheelchair Racing: Tips From A World-Class Pro

UroMed’s founder, Bert Burns, began his racing career in 1985, travelling the world as a competitive wheelchair racer until 2004. Highlights from Bert’s racing career include being a member of three different Paralympic teams, earning a Paralympic Gold Medal, and winning three World championships as well as four Pan-American Games.

At the peak of his sports career, Bert’s racing results graced the pages of SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine for 18 consecutive issues. And he’s not just a competitor, Bert also has a college degree in Therapeutic Recreation.  Below, Bert shares his thoughts on competing in marathons as a wheelchair racer, giving helpful advice for both seasoned competitors and beginners.



2. The Do’s & Don’ts of Dating with a Disability

LASCI founder Bert Burns devotes considerable time as a motivational speaker for youth with disabilities, rehabilitation programs, medical education seminars and other community events. Bert strives to reach out to others through public speaking because, more than anything, he wants to give other people in wheelchairs the same encouragement that he has received.

Below we share his thoughts and personal experiences on a topic that everyone thinks about from time to time – the ups and downs of dating with a disability.

Don’t worry if you strike out! There’s all kinds of reasons that people choose not to date someone, that’s ok. For every five that won’t date you, there’s 50 others that will.

Don’t worry if you strike out! There’s all kinds of reasons that people choose not to date someone, that’s ok. For every five that won’t date you, there’s 50 others that will.

Bert says:
When I see people, I say from my wheelchair, “Hey, how are you doing?” And they immediately think, “Hey, he can talk, too!” And the next step is that I start talking to them. Then they get their minds off the wheelchair and find out that I’m really a person. Usually within 2 or 3 sentences, they no longer see the wheelchair; they see me. You can do the same thing.

After my own injury, I went through three phases while dating…

1. Why School Matters After Your Spinal Cord Injury

Eric has a big heart for everyone he meets, especially children and friends with SCI.

Eric has a big heart for everyone he meets, especially children and friends with SCI.

At 15-years-old, Eric Kolar never could have imagined that one night out with his friends would change his life forever.  Today, C6-7 quadriplegic Eric Kolar volunteers as a peer counselor for the non-profit program, Life After Spinal Cord Injury.

Eric feels that sharing his own story of recovery and success after SCI is just one way to pay it forward as gratitude to all that helped him find his own path in life. Below, we share his thoughts on the value of education and how school changed his own life for the better after his spinal cord injury.


About Life After Spinal Cord Injury
Bert Burns became quadriplegic as a result of an automobile accident during his youth. His desire to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities led him to create a free motivational program for peer support and rehabilitation groups called Life After Spinal Cord Injury.

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