What LASCI Means to Me

Bert Burns started LASCI as a motivational speaking program for newly-injured patients with spinal cord injury.

Bert Burns started LASCI as a motivational speaking program for newly-injured patients with spinal cord injury.

Editor’s Note: Bert Burns started UroMed, one of the nation’s largest urological supply companies, at a time when it was difficult for people with spinal cord injury to find home medical supplies, especially catheters for home delivery.  But did you know that LASCI is even older than UroMed? Bert began his motivational speaking career, and the earliest stage of LASCI, back when he was a clinician working with spinal cord injury patients at the world-renowned Shepherd Center.  Today, Bert shares his thoughts on the power and future of LASCI, UroMed’s free motivational support program – Life After Spinal Cord Injury.

Q: What does LASCI mean for you personally, Bert?

A: LASCI means a lot of different things to me, but one of the main things I want LASCI to do is to show people that there IS life after spinal cord injury. Sure, life is different, sometimes it’s a pain in the butt, but life does go on and you can have a great life after your SCI if you choose to.  That’s what I want to do — I want to help people make that positive choice through what they learn with LASCI and through the people that they meet in our community.

This is my personal goal in doing public speaking events too. I want to show people that even though there are things you can’t do, there are still plenty of things you can do. I was fortunate to go back to school, date, graduate college, play different sports, get a job, start my own company, get married to the love of my life and have two amazing kids. My life is just as full as it would be if I was walking, I’m just rolling instead.

Q: What surprised you the most when LASCI created its’ Facebook page?

A: When I originally started LASCI, I thought it would be about me helping out a lot of people. LASCI has been that, but more than that, it’s been a whole community of people meeting and helping one another, including those who are going thru SCI, people who know folks with SCI and people who work with folks with SCI. LASCI been a great online community of friends and neighbors, and we have friends online at the LASCI Facebook page from more than 40 countries worldwide!

Q: Why does UroMed continue to support LASCI?

A: One of the main reasons I started UroMed 17 years ago was because it was hard for people with SCI to find catheters, have them shipped to you and to have your medical insurance billed for their cost.  I’m proud to say we’ve done that at UroMed and helped set the standard for catheter supply care nationwide. I want members of LASCI to know that UroMed will always be a big supporter of theirs — if there is anything UroMed can do to make your life easier, just give us a call. We’re here for you!

Bert talks with participants during a LASCI event at UMPC-Pittsburgh rehab hospital.

 Q: Do you have future plans for LASCI?

A: Yes! I’d like for LASCI to continue growing online, and I’m sure with all of our online programs, it will.  I also really enjoy speaking to individuals in group settings or one-on-one during LASCI programs all across the US.  That’s because I like seeing people getting back involved in life, whether it be through sports, dating, etc. Just getting back involved is 90% of the battle, and I want to help you win that war!

About Bert Burns
When Bert was only 20 years old and a college intramural sportsman, he was hit by a drunk driver.  The force of the impact threw Bert from the car. He broke his neck at C6 and C7, and learned he would have to face life as a quadriplegic. Bert spent the next six months in rehab, convinced his life was over.

Bert is a paralympic gold medalist in wheelchair racing. Welcome to the gun show!

A recreation therapist at Bert’s rehab hospital approached him to talk about wheelchair sports, but Bert initially showed little interest. A year later, the therapist tried again by sharing his excitement for quad rugby. Bert decided to give it a try, never knowing the dramatic, positive impact that wheelchair sports would have on his life.

Today, Bert devotes considerable time as a motivational speaker for youth with disabilities, rehabilitation programs, medical education seminars and other community events. Bert strives to reach out to others through public speaking because, more than anything, he wants to give other people in wheelchairs the same encouragement that he has received.

To learn more about LASCI and UroMed, please call 1-800-841-1233 or visit: http://uromed.com/Company/LifeAfterSpinalCordInjury
Join more than 15,000 friends on the LASCI Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/LASCIonline?ref=hl

About UroMed Catheters
Headquartered in Suwanee, GA [a suburb of Atlanta], UroMed is one of the nation’s leading providers of single-use catheters, urological and disposable medical supplies, including intermittent catheters, closed system catheters, condom catheters, pediatric catheters and continence care products. UroMed is nationally accredited for Medicare reimbursement and most state Medicaid plans, and partners with private health insurance providers and health plans to provide patients with single-use catheters, catheter kits and incontinence products. UroMed also has seven staffed regional offices located in Boston, MA; Columbia, SC; Jacksonville, FL; Dallas, TX; Carlsbad, CA; Knoxville, TN; Richmond, VA; and Baton Rouge, LA; enabling next-day delivery after a customer’s initial medical supply order. For more information, please visit http://www.uromed.com or call 1-800-841-1233.

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