What You Can Do to Help Maintain Your Rights With Dr. Hal Scherz

Docs 4 Patient Care is interested in preserving the sanctity of the traditional physician-patient relationship

Docs 4 Patient Care is interested in preserving the sanctity of the traditional physician-patient relationship

Editor’s Note: Dr. Hal Scherz, a pediatric urologist in Atlanta, Georgia is the co-founder of an organization called Docs4 Patient Care. “We are an organization of concerned physicians committed to the establishment of a healthcare system that preserves the sanctity of the relationship between doctors and patients, promotes quality of care, supports affordable access to all Americans and protects patients’ freedom of choice,” Dr. Scherz explains. After holding a national meeting in 2011 where 22 states’ doctors were represented, Docs4 Patient Care will hold a national meeting in late summer, 2012. Docs4 Patient Care encourages all interested individuals to become a part of the organization. Part 2 of a 5 part series.

Question: Is there anything we can do about the Affordable Care Act to help protect the rights of the doctors and the patients to determine the type of medical care the patient gets?

Scherz: Yes, there is. We can band together as doctors and patients, explain to our senators and Congress in Washington the problems we’ve already found with the Affordable Care Act and ask Congress to change the law. We can hope that the Supreme Court will find this law unconstitutional, and we can encourage our doctors, medical supply companies and everyone we know to learn more about what will happen with their families and their medical care, if the Affordable Care Act isn’t changed.

Question: In other words, there are a lot of very bad rules and regulations in the Affordable Care Act that drastically will change the way individuals in the United States are able to make decisions about their medical futures. And, one of the best ways we can stay informed about this new law, and how it will affect each of us is to go to http://www.docs4patientcare.org. Are individuals as well as doctors encouraged to join this initiative?

Scherz: Yes.

Doctors and patients are encouraged to join this initiative.

Question: What’s the hope for the future, and how is Docs4 Patient Care hoping to change the Affordable Care Act?

Scherz: We hope to be able to convince Congress to repeal the act and develop a plan that will put healthcare decision making back into the hands of patients, their families and their doctors. With any law, there are often a lot of good ideas that the politicians can sell to the people, so that the general public doesn’t see the bad part of the legislation. Two of these good ideas in the Affordable Care Act include:

· You can keep children on your health care plan until they’re 26 years old.
· Insurance companies can’t turn down people with a pre-existing health problem.

Most people get really excited about these two provisions and won’t look into the other parts of the act. The aim of Docs4 Patient Care is to represent the doctors and the patients’ concerns and try and get the Affordable Care Act either defeated or changed, so that the individual has more control over the health care he and his family receives, rather than having the government dictate what will be allowed.

Question: What can we do to try and make a difference?

Scherz: One of the major areas that patients can help Docs4 Patient Care is to read the information on our webpage, tell their doctors about our organization and send them our website. If you’ll explain to your doctor that Docs4 Patient Care is fighting for the rights of the patients and doctors to make their own decisions, instead of those decisions being made in Washington by the government, that really will be helpful. We hope that after you read the information on our webpage, you’ll encourage your doctor to join our organization.

To learn more, go to www.docs4patientcare.org. You also can go to YouTube to learn more about Docs4 Patient Care www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvDiFraglHM.

All photos are taken from www.docs4patientcare.org

Next: Dr. Hal Scherz Tells You How to Stay Informed on Your Future Medical Care

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