How Will You and Your Family Be Affected by the Affordable Care Act?

Dr. Hal Scherz, on the far right, started Docs 4 Patient Care to preserve the doctor-patient relationship, promote quality of care, support affordable access to all Americans, and protect patients' freedom of choice.

Dr. Hal Scherz, on the far right, started Docs 4 Patient Care to preserve the doctor-patient relationship, promote quality of care, support affordable access to all Americans, and protect patients’ freedom of choice.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Hal Scherz, a pediatric urologist in Atlanta, Georgia is the co-founder of an organization called Docs4 Patient Care. “We are an organization of concerned physicians committed to the establishment of a healthcare system that preserves the sanctity of the relationship between doctors and patients, promotes quality of care, supports affordable access to all Americans and protects patients’ freedom of choice,” Dr. Scherz explains. After holding a national meeting in 2011 where 22 states’ doctors were represented, Docs4 Patient Care will hold a national meeting in late summer, 2012. Docs4 Patient Care encourages all interested individuals to become a part of the organization. Part 1 of a 5 part series.

A big dark cloud forming in Washington D.C. has the potential to change health care dramatically. Currently, you and your doctor determine the best course of treatments, medication and rehabilitation that you need to receive. However, in the future, all those decisions may be made by Washington politicians. People you don’t even know may start deciding how much care you get, what type of medicines you receive, how much and what type of rehab you receive, what doctors you can see, and almost every decision that will be made about your medical care. Obama Care, which is the nickname given to the Affordable Care Act, is seen by many as a rainbow with a pot of gold that equals free medical care for everyone in this country. This idea may be true. However, the people in Washington will be the ones who decide how much, what type, how often, which doctors you can see and when this wonderful medical care will stop for you and your family, not you or your doctor. To get a true picture of how the Affordable Care Act will affect you and your family, UroMed has interviewed Dr. Hale Scherz about Docs4 Patient Care.

Question: The name of your organization is Docs4 Patient Care. I’ve always thought that all doctors were for the best patient care their patients could receive. If that’s true, why is there a need for this organization?

Scherz: You’re absolutely right. Doctors do want good patient care. However, right now, the way the Affordable Care Act is moving away from doctors and patients making medical decisions for the patients and giving that ability to central decision makers in Washington, who will look at finances and protocol and make the decisions of how patients will be treated, where they should be treated, which doctor should treat them, and whether or not they should be treated at all. Doctors have formed Docs4 Patient Care as an organization to fight back to help our patients regain their rights to decide all these major issues. We believe that one of the really good things about medicine as we know it today is the doctor-patient relationship in determining the patients’ treatment. We believe that patients and their families should be making the decisions. We’re working to unite doctors who perhaps have been separated by various interests before. Then all the doctors can work together to better enable patients and doctors to determine the best course of treatment, instead of having the powers in Washington dictate to the patients and to their doctors the courses of treatment that will be followed.

Docs 4 Patient Care--looking out for America's people!

Docs 4 Patient Care–looking out for America’s people!

Question: Dr. Scherz, say for instance that I had a 10 year old son who was injured in a car accident, and the doctor said he needed certain types of surgeries and rehab. Would my son be able to get that type of treatment under the Affordable Care Act?

Scherz: I can’t tell you today that your son will get the medical care on which you and your doctor have agreed. According to The Affordable Care Act, the Secretary of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C., is given complete control over the type of health care your son would receive. The Secretary also would decide what insurance companies have to provide for your son.

Question: Ok, let’s say that my son’s doctor and I agree that my son needs 12 weeks of rehab to help him recover from this automobile accident. But the Secretary of  Health and Human Services decides that my son only can have 6 weeks of rehab, and the insurance companies have to pay for 6 weeks of rehab. What will I have to do to make sure that my son is fully recovered, by giving him 12 weeks of rehab?

Scherz:  If your son requires that other 6 weeks of recovery not paid for by The Affordable Care Act, you’ll have to pay for those 6 weeks yourself. Or, you’ll have to have a medical insurance policy to pay for any additional care for which the Affordable Care Act doesn’t pay.

Docs 4 Patient Care is dedicated to becoming the new voice and advocate for the American medical profession.

Docs 4 Patient Care is dedicated to becoming the new voice and advocate for the American medical profession.

Question: What happens to my son if I don’t have the money to pay for the additional 6 weeks of therapy, and I don’t have an insurance policy to cover that need?

Scherz: You can appeal your case through the administrators of the Affordable Care Act, and they may or may not pay for the additional care. There’s no guarantee that your son will get the care he needs. If you’re turned down by Washington for the additional treatment for your son, and you have no way to pay for those additional 6 weeks, your son may not get the therapy and care that he needs.

To learn more about how the Affordable Care Act will affect you and your family, go to You also can go to YouTube to watch a video about Docs4 Patient Care

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