Accessible Travel and Outdoor Programs in Colorado

These accessible travel suggestions are part of the 2012 Get Out & Enjoy Life program that is a joint educational initiative between UroMed’s motivational program – Life After Spinal Cord Injury, and SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine, published by the Paralyzed Veterans of America.  For more details on the Get Out & Enjoy Life event, please see: 

“The towering, snow-capped Rocky Mountains pervade the landscape in Colorado, and are the main draw for travelers to this Western state. In Colorado Springs, Pike’s Peak has dominated family vacation itineraries since 1915, while the rugged bike paths around Boulder offer an amped-up mountain experience. Colorado’s finest national parks and wilderness areas preserve the Rockies’ rich geography and wildlife. You can’t escape the beauty of the Rockies, nor should you: even in cosmopolitan Denver, a weekend in the mountains is only a short drive away.” (Source:


Wilderness on Wheels

Wilderness On Wheels Foundation was established as a not-for-profit corporation in March of 1986. Its mission: Stimulate the development of access for disabled persons to natural outdoor environments. The approach to the mission: Construct a model wilderness-access facility. First, to learn how and then to share that information with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. The goal for the model facility: Install an 8-foot wide boardwalk starting at 9,100 feet to the top of a 12,300 foot mountain.

Phone: (303) 403-1110

Sports Made Possible

“There is something about playing the game of baseball that lights up the eyes of a child, however for children facing physical and/or mental challenges, that opportunity is often not available. Adaptive Baseball gives these children the opportunity to get out and enjoy playing the game of baseball in its purest form. During each game, every child is given an opportunity to hit the ball and score a run. Team members are assigned “buddies” who assist them in hitting the ball and “running” the bases. Buddies can be fellow schoolmates, parents, college students, business leaders or anyone who wishes to volunteer their time to give a child the gift of baseball.

The point of the game is less about baseball and more about fun! The benefits gained by everyone involved are tremendous. The child’s self esteem grows, they make friends, become less isolated and “just become a regular kid, not a kid with a disability.”



The Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

“The BOEC was established in Breckenridge, Colorado, in 1976 as a non-profit tax-exempt educational organization to provide outdoor experiences for people with disabilities and to train the instructors who work with special populations. Ultimately, the BOEC strives to integrate disability with ability, providing outdoor experiences to all.  We welcome people of all abilities from around the world to spectacular natural classrooms in the Rocky Mountains and beyond.”

Phone: 970.453.6422



Adaptive Adventures

“Adaptive Adventures is now in its 12th year of creating life changing opportunities for people with physical disabilities. Adaptive Adventures opens the doors to hope and allows people to realize their dreams. Program participants enjoy fresh air, rushing water, and abundant sunshine as they glide down ski slopes, cut through the water in a kayak or wakeboard, or bike through the Rocky Mountains and along the shores of Lake Michigan.”
Phone: 303.396.1339



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About the Author: Lindsey Beacham, from Atlanta, serves as Marketing Coordinator for UroMed. She graduated from Auburn University with a B.A. in Criminology and from Georgia State University with a B.B.A in Marketing. When she’s not busy with marketing or studying for additional degrees, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with her family.

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