Paraplegic Trevor Baucom Gains Interest In Firearm Competitions

Trevor was asked to star in a "Shooting USA" episode to show that people in wheelchairs can shoot too.

Trevor was asked to star in a “Shooting USA” episode to show that people in wheelchairs can shoot too.

Editor’s Note: Thirty-year-old Trevor Baucom of Clarksville,Tennessee was piloting his Black Hawk helicopter into combat in Afghanistan at 3:00 am one morning when it crashed and left him with a spinal cord injury. Part 4 of a 5 part series.

According to Trevor Baucom, “One of the first things I did was to return to coaching soccer, which I’d done for several years before my injury. I have an 8 year-old son. I started helping coach his soccer team, since I’d coached soccer for my older children.

Then while I was in rehab, I met Jim Scoutten, the host of “Shooting USA,” a gun show on the Outdoor Channel. His office was right next door to the rehab facility where I was. I met him one day as I was going in to do rehab. For the next couple of weeks, we started meeting and talking. Jim said he’d like to do a TV show on a guy in a wheelchair shooting a pistol. But, before we had a chance to do a segment for Jim’s TV show, I was invited to join the Smith & Wesson Shooting Team to try and help people in wheelchairs start shooting and get on shooting teams. Smith & Wesson is one of the primary sponsors for Jim’s TV show.

In 2011, I was introduced as a member of the Smith & Wesson Shooting Team at the National Rifle Association (NRA) Show – the NRA’s annual meeting. I had shot pistols some before I met Jim and before I joined the Smith & Wesson Shooting Team, but I’d never shot competitively before. Then when I was a part of the Smith & Wesson team, of course I began shooting a lot competitively.

“The purpose of inviting me to the shooting team was to represent Smith & Wesson, but also more importantly to work with Smith & Wesson to make the changes that were needed in the shooting sports. Like many others, I was eager for people in wheelchairs to compete in these sports, and possibly compete head-to-head with able bodied shooters. In many of the shooting competitions, the competitors have to be able to move around on the range or on the course. With Jim’s help, many of these shooting organizations and shooting competitions are allowing Jim and me to work with them to make the changes that need to be made, so that people in wheelchairs can compete. Our goal is to make the shooting sports accessible to any wheelchair athlete who wants to compete.”

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