CBS Interviews UroMed’s David Williams about Wheelchair Tennis

We were thrilled to see two of our friends on the news this weekend as part of a story on Wheelchair Tennis!

Harlon Matthews is a therapeutic recreational specialist, coordinates the wheelchair sports for Henry County Parks and Recreation and is a certified tennis instructor. He not only teaches wheelchair tennis but also private lessons to junior tennis players. He’s a tennis tournament director, he’s the chairperson for the USTA Georgia Wheelchair Committee and serves on the USTA Southern Wheelchair Committee and the USTA National Wheelchair Committee.

Harlon Matthews teaches wheelchair tennis to kids across the Southeast.

Harlon Matthews teaches wheelchair tennis to kids across the Southeast.

We featured Harlon recently as a Hometown Hero for his work in teaching children about wheelchair tennis and for his role within the USTA sports community.  See his story at:

Matthews says, “Tennis is the one sport that opened several doors for me, and I’m in awe of what wheelchair tennis is doing for others. I’m happy to help everyone–able bodied and those in wheelchairs–succeed in tennis. This is my calling in life.”

He continues, “USTA Georgia now calculates points for wheelchair players, just like they do for those who are able bodied. This process is new because there weren’t enough wheelchair tennis players to create a need for a point system. USTA contacted me about calculating points for rankings, but the number of players in Georgia has risen significantly. A committee was formed, and we created four tournaments for wheelchair tennis players.”

This weekend’s news story also featured UroMed representative David Williams, who is the current national champion in the A Division – wheelchair division – of the United States Tennis Association.

See the WRDW-TV Channel 12 interview below:

In his role as a UroMed territory representative for the Southeast, David Williams often works with families at events like Camp Krazy Legs.  Kids love meeting David and his fancy Eagle Sports wheelchair that has LED light-up casters [front wheels].

While David is teaching or presenting at these events, his light-up wheels capture kids’ attention and get them excited about sports, mobility, bladder or bowel care, or other topics that David is sharing.  He says, “The best part of having LED light-up casters is watching kids’ faces light up when they see me roll in. If I can get just one child interested in sports or other wheelchair events, it’s totally worth it!”

David Williams teaches sports and other skills at kids’ camps too.

David continues, “If you’ve liked or loved sports before your injury, then being involved in wheelchair sports or any other sport is absolutely necessary. Wheelchair sports gave me the awareness that my life wasn’t over after my illness.

When I first realized I would be in a wheelchair, all I could think about was my limitations. However, through sports, I learned that I could rebuild my confidence and build solid relationships. Now when I go to a tennis tournament, I know everyone there, and they know me.”

Learn more about David’s accomplishments on and off the tennis court at:

UroMed is honored to support numerous charities nationwide in the communities that we serve. The company focuses its community efforts on three primary areas:

  • Condition-related associations that focus on education, awareness and support
  • Sports programs for the disabled
  • Leadership and motivational programs for disabled youth

Additionally, many of our employees volunteer their time and efforts at various community events. Many of our employees have a personal connection to the following non-profit organizations, as 20% of our customer care associates either has a disability or has a family member with a disabling condition.




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