Paul Schulte Never Gave Up On Himself And His Love For Basketball After His Spinal Cord Injury

Paul Schulte takes a break from shooting hoops.

Paul Schulte takes a break from shooting hoops.

This week, we are teaming up with Invacare, a leading manufacturer of home and long-term care products, to spotlight their Real Life campaign. The campaign, launched in April of 2011, brings to light achievements of those with disabilities.  Today, we feature the remarkable story of Paul Schulte.

Paul Schulte was always an extremely active child. He loved sports and he loved to get outside and play. When he was ten years old, his life changed drastically. Paul was involved in a tragic head on collision and became paralyzed and unable to walk. He started using a wheelchair and had to get used to a new and different life. There were hard times—Paul even told his dad that he wished he didn’t survive. His father took this statement seriously and constantly embraced, encouraged and supported his newly paralyzed son. No one, including Paul himself, gave up on him and was excited to see him follow his dreams.

Paul’s love for sports never diminished after his tragic injury. He even said that he felt like he had his legs again after his first experience in a sports wheelchair. It was an experience that had him eager to excel athletically and mentally because the two go hand-in-hand when it comes to competitive sports. Paul was involved in wheelchair basketball and took it as far as the Paralympics. He was a valuable member of the United States of America’s men’s Paralympic basketball team and was the youngest player to join the men’s national team at the age of eighteen. He was a two time gold medalist.

Paul’s first experience in the competitive and exhilarating Paralympics was in the year 2000. His first experience took place in Sydney, Australia. There is nothing like a first experience with something so significant in one’s life—especially something as big as the Paralympics! Paul also competed in Japan at the World Championships in 2002 followed by an amazing victory with Team USA in Beijing, China. This significant win took place in 2008. He was a successful Paralympian and was blessed to be a part of it starting at such a young age!

Team USA!

Team USA!

Wheelchair basketball had such a large, significant impact on Paul Schulte’s life. It helped mold him into the person he is today and has helped him fulfill his hopes and dreams as a man. Paul knew in the back of his mind that he wanted share this amazing feeling with others like him because it has helped him mentally recover from his tragic injury and helped him become fulfilled. 

Paul Schulte’s need to share that anything is possible was so strong that he and his wife decided to start their own foundation—The Paul Schulte Foundation. This foundation’s goal is to help children attend wheelchair sports camps. It will help families who may not have the finances to send their children to wheelchair sports camps be able to do it with no worries or stress about money. It will also lead children who want to succeed at wheelchair sports to a camp that will do so! It will build self-esteem, athletic ability, friendships, perseverance, courage, and more!

See Paul’s winning video for Invacare’s Real Life campaign:

Paul Schulte believes that he has achieved everything that he has ever wanted. Even though he has achieved several things differently then how he originally planned, he is fulfilled and a happy husband, father and man. No dream is impossible. For more information, please visit

About Invacare: 

Invacare Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative home and long-term care medical products, but the Company is more than just products — it is what those products allow people to do every day. The Invacare tag line is, “Yes, you can.®” and that is more than just a saying; it’s a way of life. Invacare creates solutions that Make Life’s Experiences Possible™ for the people who use its products, from the student finishing their bachelor’s degree with an Invacare® power wheelchair to top athletes using Invacare® handcycles and chairs to compete at the highest level in events like the Boston Marathon, the Iron Man and the Paralympics.

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About the Author: Farah Bohannon of Winder, Georgia currently serves as UroMed’s Marketing Assistant. She graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama in May 2010. She loves to utilize her writing and marketing skills with inspiring stories.

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