Christine Kent’s Freedom Was Short Lived And Ended With A Bang

Christine Kent's freedom was short lived.

Christine Kent's freedom was short lived.

Editor’s Note: Christine Kent stared death in the face and chose not to die. Her unbelievable fight for life, recovery and the building of a new life shows two types of courage that we all need: the courage to face death and the courage to live life, regardless of what type of life we may or may not have.  Through her struggles, she shows us all how to be winners. Part 2 of a 5 part series.

When Alan saw me break and run, he panicked and opened fire. I learned quickly what a good shot he was. I was running so fast that the first bullet he fired went through my foot, and the second bullet he fired went through my back, hit my spine and paralyzed me immediately. I heard the second bullet go through my body and felt it tearing my flesh. My right foot flew around my body and landed on the right side of my head, and I grabbed my abdomen as I fell to the ground like a rag doll. The pain was horrible, but by the grace of God I landed on my back. I realize I could’ve landed in any position, face down, on my side or twisted and mangled. At least I could look up.

As I lay in my driveway, bleeding, I couldn’t believe I had just been shot twice. Looking back to my house, I saw Alan leaving with his computer bag. His truck was parked in my driveway. He backed up and came straight for me. I prayed, “Oh, dear God, don’t let this get any worse.” I screamed, “Please, please don’t run over my face.” At the same time, I was terrified that he was going to run over my upper body and crush me. “Oh, God, please, please help me,” I prayed. I put my arms out to my side and closed my eyes as the truck headed straight for me. Then, I felt a strange sensation as the tires of the truck rolled over my legs and up on to my abdomen. To make matters worse, Alan turned the steering wheel as the truck was on top of me and ran over my right wrist. I wished I’d pulled my arm out of the way, but everything was happening so fast, and I was in such a blur, that I really didn’t have time to think.
Finally, I saw the tail lights of the truck that had just run over me, moving away from where I lay. My neighbors heard me screaming and called the police. They asked the police if they should go over with a gun to try and help me, but they advised them to stay in the house and said they were sending officers my way.
Christine had no idea what was coming next.

Christine had no idea what was coming next.

My neighbors were watching and saw Alan’s truck go to the end of the street, turn around and start moving back toward my house. I started screaming as loud as I could for help and waving my broken arm in the air. My head was pointed toward the street, and my feet were pointed toward the door of my house. At first I thought the headlights coming back to my house was a truck with someone in it coming to help me. But, when the truck door opened, once again I saw the man who had shot me twice and run over me. Alan got out of his truck, came to me, grabbed both of my ankles and dragged me across my driveway, tearing the skin on my back and elbows. He drug me behind the bushes in front of my home to hide my body.

As he left, he picked up the two empty shells he’d used to shoot me. I was screaming, “Alan, why did you do this to me? Why?” but he never answered me or even looked at me. Now Alan knew I was alive and that I was coherent, because I’d screamed at him. I became even more terrified, since I thought he’d come back a third time and finally shoot me again and kill me. I decided my best defense was to be as quiet as possible and pretend to be dead.

Doctors closely monitored Christine because she was in extreme pain.

Doctors closely monitored Christine because she was in extreme pain.

I prayed, “Please save me, God, don’t let him come back and shoot me again. Let me stay in this world, don’t take me yet. Please let me stay, and allow me help others. I want to see my mom and my loved ones again. Please don’t take me; help me make a difference in other people’s lives. My work isn’t fished yet on this earth. Please don’t take me.”

The doctors later said I didn’t sustain any injuries to my legs or hips. But, my kneecaps were damaged, my right foot had been run over, I had muscle tearing and tendon damage, and I had a pelvic tilt, probably from the tire of the truck running over my hip. I had and still have a lot of nerve damage, both peripheral and to my central nervous system, which causes me to suffer a tremendous amount of pain daily.
This video interviews Christine and some of her family members to share their perspectives: 


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  1. Troy says:

    Your SCI was a year and a half ago…no real memory of accident…prob. a blessing.
    You will face alot… Please email any questions….any…stay blessed..we still have things to do here:

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