Jamie Holmes of Jamie’s Dream Team Learns That Helping Others Cures Most of Her Illnesses

Editor’s Note: Jamie Holmes of White Oak Pennsylvania, learned at an early age that the real joy in life began once she focused on others, instead of herself. This amazing 24-year-old young woman not only has helped herself but hundreds of others as well. In reading this week’s story of “The Dream Giver,” you’ll find truths that may change your life forever for the better. Part 4 of a 4-part series.

Please help us spread the word about Jamie's Dream Team! Coming soon to a town near you....

Please help us spread the word about Jamie's Dream Team! Coming soon to a town near you....

I’ve learned that helping other people cures most of the sicknesses I have. This past month (November, 2011) I’ve been very, very sick, but each morning as I wake up, thinking about how sick I am, I realize I don’t have time to be sick.

People are depending on me. I’ve got to get out of the bed and go buy presents for other people to have under their Christmas trees this Christmas. If I don’t get out of the bed, many of these people won’t have very-merry Christmases. I don’t have time to worry about how I feel, because my mission in life is to help other people.

What makes me strong, keeps me from being sick, keeps me sane, and keeps me going is my need to help other people. I don’t have time to become depressed or get sick, because I have so-many things I need to do to help other people.

I’ve learned that if a person makes their medical problems a problem, or if other people around you consider your medical problems a problem, then you will have a problem. If you dwell on your condition, sit around, cry and complain, then you will continue to have that same problem. However, if you put your issues aside and not only think about how you can help other people but actually get out in the world and do help other people, your problems go away. Or, else you’ll see that your problems aren’t nearly as important as the problems of others.

One of my inspirations has been Bert Burns from UroMed. He doesn’t let his medical issues get him down. He’s found a way to help and serve others, in spite of his medical problems.  See Bert’s story at:

I’ve learned that I have to keep my mind focused on the positive, because if I focus on the negative aspect of my life, then my life gets worse. However, if I concentrate about the good things I can do and the people I can serve with my life, then my medical problems always get better. With all of these surgeries and my medical issues, I’m often asked, “What has your dating life been like?” and my answer is I haven’t had a problem. My medical issues and the time I’ve had to spend in the hospital and being out of school haven’t been big deals for me and my dating life. I’ve had boyfriends and gone on dates, and I do everything a single 24-year-old girl does. The guys don’t say much about my medical condition. They look past my medical problems and see me. They like me for me, and they don’t dislike me due to my medical issues. I’m just a normal 24-year-old girl with some medical issues. A few years ago I decided I needed a job, and one of the best places to make the most money for a high-school graduate was at Hooters. I applied to be a Hooters’ girl. I got the job, and I made good money, while working at Hooters for about 2 years. Once again, let me reiterate that I’m just a normal 24-year-old girl with some medical issues.

Jamie is one tough lady, through and through.

Jamie is one tough lady, through and through.

Giving presents to needy families and making dreams come true for young people is my passion, but my second most-favorite thing to do is being a repo person. My dad is a repo man, who repossesses cars when people don’t pay their car loans. I enjoy going with my dad and trying to find the cars, helping my dad hook them up to his tow truck and taking them back to the people who have made the loans. Sometimes folks come out of their houses and are upset about us taking, “their cars.” But then I can explain to them why we’re taking the cars and that they can get their cars back easily, if they’ll pay what they owe. This business is very exciting, and I love being with my dad. Even when I was little and had to sit in a car seat, I’d go with my dad to repo cars. The last time I got out of the hospital when my dad picked me up, I asked him, “Dad, can we go repo a car before we home?” My dad’s got an exciting business, and I love to go with him and help him.

I don’t know what’s in my future, but my dream is to create branches of Jamie’s Dream Team throughout the country. I believe and know that the world can be a better place, if people who have medical issues start helping other people and focus on the positive (what they can do for others), instead of focusing on what they want for themselves or the medical needs they themselves have.

Jamie’s Dream Team has nine board members and about 50 volunteers who have signed-up. Those 50 volunteers don’t include the people who donate the goods, supplies and time and get their companies involved with the mission of Jamie’s Dream Team.

If someone wants to start his or her own version of Jamie’s Dream Team where they live, I’ll do everything I can to help them. I’ll either fly or drive to where they’re located, teach them how to do what we do and help them in any way I can to carry the Dream Team into their communities.

Jamie’s Dream Team is all about helping other people. If you want to start a Jamie’s Dream Team in your area, you can call me at 412-377-3898, email me at jamiesdreamteam@gmail.com or go to our website www.jaimiesdreamteam.org.

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