Misty Blue Foster was Honest and Open About Her Disability When Love Came

Editor’s Note: The race of life is not a 100-yard sprint. Life is a marathon, a long distance run often over treacherous terrain that requires strength, endurance and single-mindedness of purpose. For many, just finishing the course is a major achievement. But others choose to endure the pain and push their bodies and minds to the limits, and therefore win. Such is the case of Misty Blue Foster, who at a very young age set her sights on being a nurse, although physically and financially, she appeared to have no way to reach that goal. Part 5 of a 5-part series.

I started dating after high school–not really looking for a husband. As a matter of fact, my husband found me.

Misty and Jerome met for the first time at a Mexican restaurant.

Misty and Jerome met for the first time at a Mexican restaurant.

We were set up on a blind date. A friend of mine from the care home I used to work for told me a group of my past co-workers were having a mini reunion at a Mexican restaurant. He told me I should at least stop by since the gathering was close to my house. I agreed because I thought it would be fun to see everyone I used to work with. When I entered the restaurant, I didn’t see a lively group of familiar faces. Instead, all I saw was my friend’s cousin, Jerome Panscala. I felt a tad bit uncomfortable since it was a blind date, but I stayed because I didn’t want to be rude. I also didn’t want to pass up free Mexican food!

I love Mexican food since I am actually part Mexican. I ordered the hottest, spiciest food on the menu. Since Jerome had never eaten Mexican food before, he ordered the same thing I did. When the food arrived, I poured hot sauce all over mine–Jerome did the same to his. Since he is Filipino, he never ate hot and spicy food. He drank a lot of beer to try and cool down, but beer just made the food hotter and caused tears to stream down his face. He got drunk! When I talked to my friend that had set me up, I told him to never call me again, and that his cousin was a mess!

When I saw Jerome again at a party a couple of months later, he acted more mature and wasn’t embarassing. We became good friends. A year later Jerome proposed to me, and I said, “Yes.” I didn’t know how to tell Jerome about my disability at first, but he noticed that I had scars from my operations. I told him about all of my surgeries and my medical problems. He said, “This is one more reason you and I need to be together, because I can help you.” He was a caregiver, so he understood. I had a mitrofanoff, because my bladder was wide open and outside my body at birth. Surgeons tried to close it, but the operation was unsuccessful. They made an opening on my abdomen, so that I could catheterize my bladder every two hours.

Misty went through several surgeries as a small child to correct her cloacal extrophy and spina bifida.

Misty went through several surgeries as a small child to correct her cloacal extrophy and spina bifida.

Jerome wasn’t turned off. I never really thought I’d get married, because I didn’t know how I would tell anybody about my medical  problems. I always kept them to myself–not because I was ashamed of my situation, but because I didn’t know what type of reaction I’d get. Of course, most people don’t  introduce themselves and immediately go into detail about how they use the bathroom. I didn’t think that the way I went to the bathroom was anybody else’s business.

We’ve been married for five years, and Jerome is very proud of my work ethic and my education. When I was a teenager, I never thought I’d get married. I thought that since I had a disability that marriagewasn’t an option. I was sure I could take care of myself.

Jerome supports Misty's career and education.

Jerome supports Misty's career and education.

I was open and honest about my medical problems. If someone loves you for who you are, don’t worry about what he or she will think about you, disability or not. You have to remember that your disability is what you are, not who you are.

  About the Author: For the last 12 years, John E. Phillips of Vestavia, Alabama, has been a professional blogger for major companies, corporations and tourism associations throughout the nation. During his 24 years as Outdoor Editor for “The Birmingham Post-Herald” newspaper, he published more than 7,000 newspaper columns and sold more than 100,000 of his photos to newspapers, magazines and internet sites. He also hosted a radio show that was syndicated at 27 radio stations; created, wrote and sold a syndicated newspaper column that ran in 38 newspapers for more than a decade; and wrote and sold more than 30 books. Learn more at http://www.nighthawkpublications.com

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