Athlete Scot Hollonbeck Consciously Decides to Live Life to the Fullest

Editor’s Note: Internationally-known athlete Scot Hollonbeck realized that the only thing in life worth doing was the impossible, because everything else already had been done.  Part 3 of a 5-part series.

Scot Hollonbeck has worked to erase stereotypes throughout his career.

Scot Hollonbeck has worked to erase stereotypes throughout his career.

Scot Hollonbeck had a couple of strong advantages after his life-changing bike accident due to a drunk driver – a supportive family and interested coaches. Inside his broken body, Hollonbeck remained a true champion at heart and a world-class athlete who refused to become a spectator in life. He decided instead to be a participant. Rather playing the cards he was dealt, Hollonbeck took the cards out of the dealer’s hands and created his own winning strategy for success. [See Day 2.]

From the beginning, he decided to be an athlete; however, there weren’t any local competitions for students with disabilities. So, Hollonbeck competed in track-and-field races with runners as the only wheelchair-bound participant, while attending Rochelle Township High School in Rochelle, Illinois. But Hollonbeck’s dream was bigger. He dreamed of winning an Olympic gold medal.

Scot Hollonbeck was the first student in the US to race on a track team in the World Championships.

Scot Hollonbeck was the first student in the US to race on a track team in the World Championships.

In 1984, while in his hospital bed, Hollonbeck watched Sharon Hedrick break the world record in the 800-meter wheelchair race in the Summer Olympics inLos Angeles,California. At that time, he thought that the idea of wheelchairs and athletes was as different as the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara Desert. Yet, after learning that there was a competition in the Olympics for athletes in wheelchairs, he became more interested in the sport. Hollonbeck didn’t have a coach and only learned about the sport through his own research.

“I trained and qualified for the Olympic team, but I finished last in the try-outs,” Hollonbeck says. Four years later, after getting a coach, learning more about the sport and dedicating himself to becoming an Olympic athlete, Hollenbeck decided that he wanted to win an Olympic gold medal. Not only did he obtain that goal, but he set a new world record for the event.

There’s a saying that, “There’s no power greater on earth than one man dedicated to a purpose.” Although we may believe that this statement only applies to the able-bodied, Hollonbeck proved that it also applies to those with disabilities.

At the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, he placed sixth in the wheelchair racing event. At the 2004 Olympic Games, he finished 4th in the demonstration sport of Men’s 1500m wheelchair. He competed in four consecutive Summer Paralympics from 1992 to 2004, winning a total of two gold and three silver medals.

After high school, Hollonbeck attended the University of Illinois where he trained as an athlete and studied bioscience and business administration. He prepared his body to reach the athletic goals he set for himself and his mind for his future as a businessman and athlete.

Scot Holloneck leading the pack.

Scot Holloneck leading the pack.

One of Hollonbeck’s goals was to break-down stereotypes, and he’s done that. He believes that each man and woman is an individual and shouldn’t be grouped together as a part of a stereotype. If you look past his athletic record to his career accomplishments, you’ll see that Hollonbeck isn’t just one of the world’s greatest athletes, but he’s also a successful businessman.

In March 1997, Scot founded Vie Sports Marketing which develops, manages, and executes communications, promotions and marketing programs for a range of clients from the medical equipment, insurance and nonprofit world. Vie is the exclusive sales and marketing agency for U.S. Paralympics and Blaze Sports America. Vie owns and produces events such as the America Series, Champions Camp and the World Series of Wheelchair Racing.

Previously, he was Director of Partnerships and Community Outreach for the American Association of Adapted Sports, an organization that fosters state and national level support for implementation of, and access to, school-based sports programs for students with physical disabilities or visual impairments.

Learn more about Hollonbeck’s career achievements at:

Yet, for all he has achieved, Hollonbeck is a humble, quiet man who deflects the attention he receives to others and assumes that part of his life’s mission is to make the world a better place for everyone. These qualities of Hollonbeck assure that he’s a world changer. Hollonbeck has defeated his own demons, has developed an undying thirst for success and then has used that platform to empower others around the world.

 Tomorrow: Internationally-Known Athlete Scot Hollonbeck Says You Are Who You Run With

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